THE WORLD’S ONLY LEGAL SOURCE TO BUY STARS AND ASTEROID CLAIMS–  MAKE YOUR FREE SPACE CLAIM TODAY! We are a Swiss foundation stewarding the protocol of the SpaceClaims Blockchain Platform, and mobilizing resources in support of the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development goals (SDGs).  Participate in the most valuable work of art in human history, all for one and one for all. 


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Want to invest in the galactic goldrush and cash-in on the $600Quadrillion asteroid mining industry?

Have you ever wanted to purchase your very own star or asteroid claim, and have your claim legally recognized for posterity?

Now you can! is the only place where you can legally purchase star and asteroid claims on this website in accord with international law. is the pièce de résistance from a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and artist (Brinkley Warren) who is passionate about democratizing outer space, fighting climate change and bringing human rights into the final frontiers.

Over the last 10 years, he successfully and legally claimed all outer space property and mineral rights  in the Universe, and now he’s giving away free claims and selling it to YOU on this website to save the world.

To learn more about this historic project, read the FREE book  OUTER SPACE INSIDE –detailing the legal aspects upon which this project is based.

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Reach for the Stars, Fuel Spaceship Earth.

sdgs_logos_banner is a moonshot project to democratize outer space and help humanity achieve the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals of 2030. Join the movement to launch the new space economy as the most valuable and participatory work of art in human history to generate transformative fuel for a thriving Spaceship Earth.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an ambitious plan enacted in 2016 by the United Nations to help guide humanity towards a better future that benefits peace, prosperity, and planet — and leaves no one behind. The SDGs are not only a unifying social contract for a better future, but also a blueprint. This project hopes to inspire, motivate, and accelerate the implementation and achievement of the SDGs.

Every SpaceClaim You Buy or Dedicate goes to Catalyze Action and Resources for the SDG of Your Choice. Together, we will scale positive impact and transform Spaceship Earth for the better.

We are a proud partner of ONE FOR ALL ( in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.




The sign at the exhibition entrance reads:

“For the exhibition, outer space has been liberated and transformed into fuel for Spaceship Earth. It will be converted into inner space and commodified as artwork. By exiting the gift shop, you agree that your public space will be dematerialized, digitized, democratized, and decentralized in an effort to positively impact current and future generations. Soli Deo Gloria!”


Laissez faire!